>How to Train Your Dragon


Good friend of BOOF (the blog’s new sweeet nickname), Sho and I decided to take up the advice of many buddies and head out to see How to train your Dragon. Although we were told that we MUST see it in 3D IMAX, unless its a weekend, it is very difficult to get out of the district during rush hour and make it to the IMAX theaters on time for an evening (and not late night) show. Therefore, we opted to just see it in 3D because lets be serious, its just a smaller screen.

We ventured to Regal Chinatown which as many of you know is probably the easiest accesible theaters in the city as it sits right above the metro. the only unfortunate part of this adventure was that the Caps-Montreal playoff game was being played at the verizon center tonight, so it made for a sea of red and more traffic then usual (which is already a whole lot). nevertheless, i love the chinatown theater because of how easy it is to get to (they also validate your parking in the parking garage below the theater), and also there are numerous great places for a quick bite to eat or drink. Because of the traffic/parking, we were unable to get a quick bite but we grabbed some chocolate covered cookie dough bites (Sho opted for the Mint flavored variety) and we headed into the 98% Rotten Tomato rated, 3D experience.

The majority of the previews were also in 3D which is pretty cool, I guess. But It was crazy to see how all animated films and regular films are really milking this 3D phenomena. Sho and I did get very excited for Toy Story 3 and the final Shrek, both coming soon to a 3D screen near you.

Now, lets train some dragons. Needless to say, it was awesome. I don’t want to put any spoilers out there because you really need to go see it for yourself but the movie takes place in the Viking era and we are narrated through this adventure by Hiccup (yes, his name is Hiccup). He is tween who is trying to prove himself to his father, the Chief Viking. Hiccup, unlike all the other Vikings, does not resemble much of a Viking at all, with his small scrawny build, lack of ferocity, and no knack for killing dragons. He can be found working as an apprentince of the local blacksmith molding and welding all the tools for the warrior vikings. The Vikings and the dragons are at a “war” because the dragons keep taking all the vikings food, and now the vikings are going hungry.

As the Viking troops (including Hiccup’s father) take back to the sea to find the “dragon nest”, we follow Hiccup’s journey in Viking Training to become a true Viking. However, Hiccup is up to some other things during this “training”, and not only does he learn how to be a “viking” but he learns a lot about himself, and the true identiy of the nemesis “dragons”. Hiccup is voiced by Jay Baruchel (some people may know him from his recent hit, “She’s Out of my League”) and his love interest, Astrid is voiced by America Ferrera (her character is definitely a force to be reckoned with). Another one of the Vikings-in-Training is voiced by funny man, Seth Rogen and Hiccup’s father, Stoick is voiced by Scottish Hearthrob Gerard Butler.

This movie is a ton of fun. The graphics are unbelievable, the action is non-stop and you find yourself wanting to take home a pet dragon with you at the end of the movie. The 3D imagery takes you into a Viking World that you could have only dreamed about during 3rd grade social studies. Although they are just animated characters, HTTYD’s success lies in its ability to interweave this coming of age story with the understanding and need for increased “social” awareness. That might have been overstepping it a bit but there is definitely a lesson in this movie for all of us, both young and old. Furthermore, like successful recent animated films like “Up” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, this movie has entertainment value not just for families but even for mid-twenty something year olds, and its not just the little kid in us that appreciates it ;-).

What we thought were funny questions after the movie…

1) Where can we find a dragon?

2) Do we have to get a dragon driving license?

3) Do we have to get insurance on our dragon?

Overall Movie Rating: A

Suitable for: All

Scene: You could definitely bring a significant other to see this movie because it is that much fun, but if you have a younger sibling, cousin, niece or nephew I definitely would spoil them with this treat. 😉

Eats nearby: There are so many good places in the area but for movie night…Chipotle, Crepes on the Walk, California Tortilla, or an appetizer at Clyde’s. For a drink: RFD, Fodo’s, Bar Louie and again, Clydes, are all in a 100 ft walking distance.


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