a lot to cover. don’t think i’ll have enough time. lets try though.

starting with best cheap Sushi in the city: Nooshi

Located: Foggy Bottom/Dupont Circle

Through my undergrad days at Gdub, Nooshi was a staple in my diet with their delicious cheap rolls only mere blocks from campus. Moreover, as we became “of age”, we began to enjoy their great half off happy hour for evening dinners.

Unfortunately, now that I have moved off campus at out of the NW bubble, I don’t really make it over to that area too often, let alone Nooshi for dinner. However, for a close friend of BOOF’s birthday, bd, I made the exciting weekday trek for this meal.

I was running a bit late after attending a previous engagement, so by the time I got there, they were already receiving their rolls. The sushi looked delicious and fresh, so I was very excited to put my order in but as the clock was rapidly approaching the 19th hour (7pm and the end of happy hour), I was more concerned with putting in my drink order. I was able to my Mango bellini order in on time, and it was a simple yet tasty drink. On previous trips, I had enjoyed Mojitos and Mai Thais, and I think when I make another trip, I would probably revert back to one of those choices because the Mango bellini was not anything special.

For dinner, I ordered the smoked salmon and cream cheese roll, the bbq eel with cucumber roll and the shrimp tempura roll. All were very tasty but the highlight was definitely the shrimp tempura roll. Although it was a smaller roll (only four pieces), the shrimp was fried perfectly and well cooked. All the seafood was relatively fresh, and as a plus the rolls were made quickly and were cheap. If you are looking for the best sushi in DC, Nooshi is not the place, but if you are looking for a nice place where you can get together for happy hour with a larger group of friends, then Nooshi can definitely be your place. They also offer Sake for another fun option. It can also be a date scene but it is important to remember that, if you are either a current gdub student, alumni or employee, you will inevitably run into someone you know at Nooshi. So, if you are just looking for some cheap sushi eats but still want a good meal, then Nooshi is definitely a suitable option.

Grade: B-


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