good friend of BOOF, bk, was in town for the weekend and asked me to meet him and some of his buds at Chadwicks for sunday brunch. brunch. fun. friends. count me in.

I’ve been to Chadwicks a few times before, once for a dinner/birthday celebration and a few times out on a weekend. however, I was completely unaware that they offered a $20.00 all you can drink Champagne brunch. Say what? I quickly was annoyed because 1) How was I just finding about this steal? 2) REALLY? Nevertheless, I am not an “all you can drink” sort of gal but I am always down for a good brunch.

Chadwicks is located in Gtown on Water Street right off of the waterfront. It is definitely a classic bar and and pub space, so it has a very relaxed and warm feeling to it. The restauraunt is split into two floors both with a bar and restaurant seating. The lighting is very dim/non-existent but it is furnished with a nice dark brown wood tables and chairs, again reflecting its pub feel. There is also an additional location in Friendship Heights but I have never ventured there.

It was an easy choice for me to not go for the champage brunch, but I did have a tasty omlette with 3 choices all for a nice price tag of $10. It was served with home fries and an english muffin. There was nothing special about this meal but it was nice to have a brunch remnant of a diner breakfast, with the notable lack of diners in the DC area. Other members of the group went for the Steak and Eggs, the Breakfast Burrito and the Country Fried Steak. Everyone was happy with their food and for the price it was a good deal.

Overall, if you plan on spending the afternoon in Georgetown, Chadwicks is a nice place to start your morning if you want a filling brunch, after a late night out the the night before. It is not somewhere I would recommend anyone go for a “good meal”, but if you want a cheap decent eats (especially with continually flowing champagne), then Chadwicks can definitely be your place. I also would only recommend it for larger groups because like any bar/pub, it tends to get very loud with laughter and chatter. Do not bring your date here. This trip can be paired with a nice stroll on the waterfront, shopping in georgetown and if you are looking for something sweet afterwards, skip Georgetown Cupcake and head to the BEST cupcake in town and Baked & Wired.

Grade: C+


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