ok. so most people would say that i am a really really really nice person (or so i think), so this post is going to be very out of the ordinary for me.

this place sucks. a lot.

for one of our end of the year happy hours, we had planned for everyone to head to bourbon in adams morgan right on the 18th street strip, for a nice evening on the outdoor patio of drinks and good times. we essentially had members of our group that opened up the restaurant that evening and then we all started pouring in.

when me and a few other buddies eventually got there, some of our other buddies who had been there had mentioned to us that the waitress at bourbon had mentioned that they were going to need to charge us $50.00. well, we were like “ok” so when our party approaches 8 people and they make note of this again, we will chat. well, our group approached and exceeded 8 people very quickly and within an hour we were probably closer to 15 people, and by this point we were spending serious money. most members of our party were at least 2-3 drinks in and we also had ordered some appetizers, so needless to say, we were really spending a lot and they were going to make a VERY nice profit off of us. then things got crazy.

our waitress who really had an attitude problem the WHOLE night brought out her manager and he mentioned to us there policy on groups larger than 8 on the patio. the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense, but essentially if you are a party larger than 8 on the patio than they have to charge us an additional $50.00 unless everyone eats dinner. has anyone ever heard of such a thing? we literally had a party that took up about 1/2 the patio and no, not everyone was planning one eating dinner. we wanted to drink, the place is called bourbon. furthermore, some members of our party had previously went to dinner so they clearly were not going to eat. now, most of us had originally planned to eat dinner but because these crazy people did not understand that it really was a rip off to charge us an additional $50 for our party, we decided to take our business elsewhere. like i previously said, most of us were 2/3 drinks in and we were really having a great time because they have a wonderful little outdoor patio in the hustle and bustle of adams mo plus there drinks and drinks specials are pretty good. however, after they were so fickle about their “policy” which essentially costs them at least another $150.00 that night, we thought that we would go somewhere that we were more appreciated.

i understand that restaurants have policies but this is one that doesn’t make any sense. it would be different if they were not certain that they were going to make a fair amount of money off of us but if they would have just glanced at what we had spent up until that point, they would have recognized that we were there to have a good time. the only thing i can say is that the drinks specials are decent, the ambience is good and the fries were really tasty. however, everything else SUCKED. none of the various mixed drinks/cocktails were good and to not accommodate your largest party in the house? that is just bad business.

essentially, i was really disappointed. i really wanted to like bourbon but the only taste that bourbon left in my mouth was not the smooth taste of bourbon that one is accustomed to but rather a really sour, bitter and awful after taste that i never want to partake in again. also, get a new waitstaff because that one girl was really awful to begin with. smile? is it really that hard?

i should probably give them a grade of an F but I don’t think I will.

Grade: D

just stay away. please. and tell your friends to stay away too.


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