>Mr. Yogato

>Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And i liked to take a minute and sit right there
And tell you how I became the princess of a town called DC.

Well, not so much. But I could tell you a story about this place that I really like to go to. If I could go there every day (and If i did it for 30days continuous, they would name a flavor after me), I would. I would go there everyday. I will never forget that lovely fall day when I was out hanging with BOOF Best Bud, Apanda, and her family when she introduced me to this amazing establishment known as Mr. Yogato.

WARNING: This review is biased.

When people ask me what the Best Frozen yogurt place in DC is? I really almost gasp in shock because there is nothing that comes close to the Dupont Circle gem of Mr. Yogato. It is located on the downstairs of a small re-stored town-house and the lines can get pretty crazy in the midst of summer. There isn’t a lot of space inside inside to sit (actually, almost none) but fro yo is better to take on the go as you walk around the neighborhood with your buds.

What makes Mr. Yogato so good? Not only is the ambiance always friendly and entertaining (they give you about 5+ ways to accumulate major money off your fro-yo) but the fro yo is just so delicious. I think they essentially revolutionized toppings on fro-yo before all these other fro-yo places popped up in DC because they were adding fun cereals, candies, cookies to their fro-yo before everyone else. quote me on that. The original flavor is just perfect, just perfectly tart and sweet but it allows for the toppings to take a leading role too.

Best thing in my opinion about Mr. Yogato: Tim Tams. That is when I knew I found love. Tim tams are the best cookie in the world which I discovered when I was in Australia and fell in love with. So, when I saw that Mr. Yogato had Tim Tams on the toppings list, I did a double and triple take in unbelief. I don’t think I have not gotten Tim Tams on top of my fro yo (of course with other toppings). AND then, Mr. Yogato’s had the nerveeeee to put Tim Tam SLAMS on their menu! some nerve. I could explain what exactly that is to you but then I would ruin it. Just go. Just do it. Your life will never be the same again. I promise. Quote me on that too.

Just go to Mr Yogato and eat copious amounts of delicious fro-yo for me. please. i beg of you.

Grade: A

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