>Chill Wine and Tapas

Back home for a couple of weeks before the big move, I decided to meet up with the BOOF buddy that I have known the longest (about 18 years!), Ash. We were originally planning to get coffee earlier that evening, but I ended up having to take care of some things, so she threw out the idea of heading to the newish Wine Bar in Beacon, Chill.

Chill is located on the Northern part of Main Street in Beacon and has a very cool hipster/dive vibe to it. In the evening, it features live acoustic music that still allows you to carry on a conversation, dim/little to no lights and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

The bar features exposed brick walls, slightly elevated seating on the side opposite to the bar with small lamps on each table. In the back of the restaurant, there is more seating with big leather chairs and a similar intimate and relaxed feel.

For being a winebar, there wine list is somewhat short but it covers all grounds. Ash ordered the German Dr. Loosen Riesling and I ordered the South African Indaba Shiraz. Both wines were tasty and had a nice body to them. The red was served at the perfect room temperature which is always a necessity. Chill also features a nice food selection with food plates, grilled panins and hummus platters. I opted to order the Pesto Hummus which was served with toasted flatbread and it was really quite tasty. I wish that the flatbread was not as crunchy as it was but because the hummus had such a weight to it, it might not have held up otherwise.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Chill. I would definitely go back when I am in time, and I think it is really the perfect way to end your day. I would also go back and try their paninis because who does not like a panini? Chill definitely has the possibility of becoming a Beacon main stay.

Grade: B+

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