>City Cafe

finally winter vacation. i’ve done so much cooking, baking, dining in the past few months but because studying trumped all of that, i’ve had no time to do some blogging. i hope that in the next few weeks, i will be able to catch myself up with all the food fun that i have been involved in. it’s a bit ambitious…but then again, i’m an ambitious girl.

let’s take a journey back in time to august when i first was visiting scranton. the day that i signed my lease for my beautiful apartment, dad and I ventured to find a quick bite for lunch. little did we know, this little “city cafe” would be such a beautiful gem.

i already have this sore spot for mediterranean eats, so when i glanced at the menu before deciding this would be the place that we would dine, i was already sold.

to start, dad ordered the pasta fagioli soup which he really enjoyed. yes, my dad will order soup in the summer. the flavor and seasoning was there and the pasta was fresh. what more can you ask for?

i ordered a spanikopita (spinach pie) which had spinach and lemon seasonings. the spanikopita itself was really good but it was colder than i would have liked. It could have used some warmth that would have knocked it out of the ball park.

for our meals, i ordered the falafel wrap. It was served in a pita w lettuce, tomato, and tahini sauce. the falafel was super tasty and had a great seasoning. i only wish that it had a little bit more crunch to its shell but nevertheless, i really enjoyed it. each platter was served with a small pasta salad which was also really tasty and definitely helped fill you up with out weighing you down.

my dad ordered the chicken wrap platter which was served in a pita w/Lettuce, tomato, onion and Tzatziki sauce. He really enjoyed it and commented on that the seasoning was spot because it allowed the sauce to shine without being overshadowed by the other seasonings.

Overall, we really enjoyed our lunch and meal at City Cafe. It is a perfect lunch spot and offers up quality and authentic Mediterranean cuisine for an extremely reasonable price tag.

Grade: B+

POSTED: December 27th
Visited: August: 19th


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