State Street Grill

Wait, when did NEPA get a restaurant that almost reminded me of some place that I would find in DC?  Really? Did that actually just happen?

Thanks to good buddy of BOOF, Silverfox, after going for a long walk with her dogs and just hanging out for the afternoon, we were really hungry.  Being in her side of town, Clarks Summit, she threw out the idea of State Street Grill, a restaurant that she had been to before but thought I would definitely like, so we headed there for dinner.

State Street definitely reminded of a big city restaurant tucked away in the suburb of Clarks Summit.  With a great outdoor patio in the front, you walk into a very modern and sleek casual restaurant filled with hardwood chairs, tables and a decent size bar.  It is definitely the type of restaurant that fits about every occasion whether it is just hanging out with a bud, date night with a sig other, a place to take your ‘rents, watching the game at the bar…you name it, State Street is good for it.

To start, we ordered the Portobello flatbread which was also topped with a balsamic sauce, rosemary garlic herb cream, red onion marmalade, goat cheese, arugula and truffle.  It was so delicious that I didn’t even get to take a picture before we dived into this bad boy.  I think it is difficult to do portobello flatbread with goat cheese wrong, but all the flavors just melted together perfectly and the flatbread was also cooked wonderfully.  I would go back just for that flatbread.

We then both ordered off the salad menu.  Silverfox ordered the Beet Salad that also was filled with mixed greens, oranges, pistachios, goat cheese and was topped with a rasbpery dressing.  She is a new big fan of beets, so this salad was really down her alley and she enjoyed the salad.  It was fresh, crisp and had a nice balance of chewy with crunch.  


Side note: one of my favorite things about State Street is how vegetarian friendly they are.  Not only were there other veggie friendly flatbreads aside from the Portobello, they also had numerous salad options from greens to grains to noodles.

Back to the food: I do not know if I have ever seen quinoa on a menu before (I do live in Scranton these days), but State Street featured a Quinoa salad with mixed greens, tomato jam, pine nuts, and a five herb olive viniagrette. I had to order it and I was extremely pleased with my choice.  The red quinoa was cooked perfectly and on top of the bed of mixed greens (I believe it was mainly arugula), with the tomato jam, pine nuts and the viniagrette, I was in vegetarian heaven.  All the flavors went together perfectly with the pungent taste of the arugula, to the exture of the quinoa, to the salty sweet of the tomato jam, to the crunch of the pine nuts, I could not have done a better job with a quinoa salad.  This is one of those salads that you go home later and try to re-create…i’ll keep you updated with my attempt to do so.  Oh, and did I mention that even a non-vegetarian would enjoy it…yeah you would. Trust me.

State Street is filled with small dishes as well as normal size entrees, but after the filling flatbread and salads, we both opted for a smaller plate for our final order.

Silverfox ordered the Clams with herb butter, sauteed garlic, tomato concasse, white wine and served with a toasted garlic baguette.  The clams were nice, fresh and had good clean flavors.  Nothing to call home about but good nonetheless.

I ordered the hummus with kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomato, garlic olive oil and pita chips.  It was decent but I would have preferred that the olives, red peppers and tomato were actually infused into the hummus rather than on the side.  I just think I have had better hummus out of containers…

Nevertheless, the hummus was really the only sub par experience on the menu.  Everything else we had was fresh, tasty and had good flavor and a nice surprise in NEPA.  I would definitely go again when I am in the need for a little bit of “DC in NEPA”.

Grade: B+



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