Chaiwalla Tea Room

Well this was a fun walk down memory lane.  Long time bestie, Bakie, decided to make a trip out east and up to Lakeville, so I decided to meet her there for lunch.  During our prep school days, there was a certain gem in the next town over of Salisbury that was frequented by students during various occasions (mainly Headmaster Holidays but that is for another story), and so we thought we would relive the glory days and go there for lunch.

(Me and Bakie @ H’kiss)

Chaiwallas is a restaurant/cafe that takes the apperance of a bed and breakfast.  When you walk in, you actually feel as though you have walked into someone’s home as you are able to glimpse over to everything that they are doing in the kitchen.  You have a full view of the kitchen no matter where you sit in the restaurant, and although the space is pretty small, with the large tables and good-spacing, you do not feel as though you are awkwardly listening to your neighbor’s conversation.  The decor is definitely that of  what you would think to find in a Colonial New England home but it is nothing too overwhelming.  I will be honest, you really go to Chai’s for the tea, chai and DESSERT with the latter being the most important.

On this hot, humid but lovely Saturday afternoon, we came with the full intention of eating lunch, drinking delicious beverage and potentially partaking in the delicious desserts at Chais.

To start, we both ordered the Chaiwalla shake which was absolutely delicious. The Chai Ice cream is made right on the premises and has the perfect balance of flavor.  I absolutely love Chai and I find that it is hard to find the perfect balance of the spice with the sweet; however, Chais does it better than anyone else.  For sure.  It was the perfect cool down for a hot summer new england day.

For our lunch, Bakie ordered the Sauteed mushrooms on toast and she commented that they were delicious and well done.  The seasoning had a strong balance to it which is integral with mushrooms or any sauteed vegetable for that matter.

I ordered the Crab salad with Melted cheese on toast.  It was super delicious and I am actually really not a big proponent of Mayo (I actually have a pretty strong dislike for it), but the crab salad had the perfect amount that I was not overwhelmed and completely turned off by it.


For dessert, I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed.  There was so much deliciousness to be pondered over, but my decision was made pretty easy by the consecutive words “Strawberry Rhubarb”.  Yes, ’tis the season of Rhubarb, so I had a slice of the strawberry rhubarb pie and it was delicious. For real fresh and delicious.  The tartness of the rhubarb was perfectly matched with the sweetness of the strawberries.  Whoever sad summer was all about the beach clearly forgot about dessert.

Bakie ordered and absolutely delicious looking piece of Lemon Poppy Seed cake.  This piece of cake was not only perfectly delicious and moist, but I am now inspired to recreate something of the sort.  Bakie is a big proponent of poppy seed so it was an easy choice for her, but I on the other hand would have never ordered it but I am so glad that she did.

Overall, the trip back to Chai’s was a great one.  They know their clientele well enough that they can pretty much tell a Hotchkiss alum when we come through the door.  Every trip back to that small Northwest corner of Connecticut warrants a trip to Chai’s.  If you are a tea lover, dessert lover, fun lover….Chai’s is definitely not to be missed.  Salisbury and Lakeville are both wonderful nice traditional small New England towns with a lot of history and tons of beauty and lots to do (if you like the outdoors, especially), so yes I would recommend it for a wonderful summer vaca.

Grade: A ( I am biased, I admit)


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