The Loading Dock

For buddy of BOOF, Drewski’s birthday, a bunch of us headed to the Loading Dock for dinner.  Most of the buddies in the group had been to the Loading Dock before, but I had never been there and was excited to go.

The Loading Dock is located in the Dunmore municipality of Scranton and when arrive there, it doesn’t really seem like it is in a place with the bar/restaurant, but it is there and it is worth it.  Although the bar is small, it definitely has a lot of character.  We went on a Monday which is wing night and according to all my buddies, their wings are absolutely delicious.  They put a secret sauce on the wings that apparently gives them the perfect  balance of sweet, tangy and savory flavors.

For the couple of us who do not eat wings, they also have a decent amount of other options.  Although they have your typical bar food including fries and various other tasty appetizers, they also offer various wraps and entree portion salads.

Side note:  The manager/owner of the Loading Dock really prides his establishment on its food opposed to the beer, which is a very interesting change of pace given that it is a bar.  It is definitely something that I appreciate because beer sells itself, but good food is not always easy to come by (if at all) in a small bar.  Additionally, he is extremely attentive and helpful when it comes to ordering.  They have various wraps on their menu, but there was no veggie wrap mentioned but when I told him that I was a vegetarian, he easily accommodated me a delicious veggie wrap.  I have heard word that sometimes his attentiveness can be a downfall, but on this occasion his presence was not obnoxious or overwhelming.

So yes, my veggie wrap was filled with sauteed veggies, cheese and a nice garlicky herb sauce.  The fries are also delicious and are seasoned well, which is my only request when getting fries.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Loading Dock and would be inclined to go back again.  It is nice to know that places that are reknown for their wing nights also make good veggie options for the few of us who don’t eat wings.  I will say that if you are looking just for a place to drink a few beers, chat it up with some friends or enjoy a game, the Loading Dock may not be the ideal establishment.  You would be better off at another bar that has drink specials and a wider selection of beer, which there are plenty of in Scranton.  However, if you want to have a beer, good food and fun with your friends then the Loading Dock may just be your place.

Grade: B+/B


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