Abe’s Kosher Deli

You must think I have been eating out a lot lately.  Well, not really but I have revisited a lot of my local favorites to write about officially for BOOF.  I will tell you something that is not really a secret but it is a little fun piece about my history in NEPA.  Abe’s was the SECOND place that I ate at it in Scranton and it was the first place that I ventured to during lunch on a school day.  That was probably one of the happiest days of my life.  Well, thats probably not true but I was so happy to find Abe’s so early on in the game and spread the word to the non-local buds in my class.

Do not get scared by the “Kosher Deli” that follows the namesake’s restaurant because you will certainly be missing out on some of the best sandwiches and food in NEPA and probably one of the best Kosher Delis in the Eastern US.  However, I will admit that I really cant say that for sure seeing that I have never been to a Kosher deli before but Abe’s is just so wonderful and delicious that I will back up my statement.  Yeah, it is that serious.  When you walk into Abe’s you are always greeted with a warm smile and wonderful service.  You can either eat in or take out and I have happily done both.  It definitely has more of a diner feel to it with its pretty simple interior, but there is definitely a lot of heart in those walls.

For those who may not know, Kosher is a Judaism based series of dietary laws.  For a kitchen to be deemed kosher, there are numerous laws that have to be upheld as you are not allowed to eat certain ‘forbidden’ meats, but one of the other main law is that you are not allowed to eat meat with dairy products or cook meat with dairy products.  Therefore, this means that you can have a turkey sandwich but the cheese must be on the side and cannot be prepared “on” the sandwich.  However, the rules are more flexible for vegetables and fruits as there is nothing as constricting as the meat and dairy policy.  Obviously for me this proves to be a non-issue and for most of my meat eating friends who also frequented Abe’s, they just had their cheese on the side and reassembled their sandwiches later.

On a lovely afternoon, BOOF Buddy, Silverfox and I had intended to check out a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch but then we realized that the Vietnamese restaurant had closed and became the new wonderful Thai Thai (more on that in another post).  We then decided to head to Abe’s for a quick bite. 

Silverfox ordered her usual Beef Brisket sandwich and it is apparently good because she keeps coming back for it.   The beef is prepared, well-seasoned and tasty (like all of Abe’s meat sandwiches.

I ordered the Veggie pita which is stuffed with various sauteed vegetables including carrots, broccoli, zucchini, onions and peppers and it is topped with the cheese of your choice.  I always get provolone which I find perfectly compliments the tasty and well-seasoned sauteed veggies.  I am always just happy to see a veggie pita with a diverse amount of veggies included zucchini. LOVE.

I have also had the falafel at Abe’s which is always equally delicious and tasty.

Essentially, if you are in NEPA around lunchtime, stop in at Abe’s and you wont regret it.  You always feel welcomed and the food never fails.  Another surprising goodeats in NEPA.

Grade: A-



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