Classic Tuna Salad

You know how they say that your tastebuds evolve and change over time, well I believe whoever “they” are.  I used to really despise Tuna.  I could eat the regular fresh sea caught full fish, but the canned business was never my cup of tea.  Some kids had tuna melts or tuna sandwiches for lunch (maybe not but this is my childhood, okay?), but everything about that chopped up fishy fish (eh, sorry) was pretty gross to me.  However, as I got older I began to realize that what I remember as one of the grossest possibilities for a lunchtime sandwich, was actually not that bad.  I started little by little with Macaroni Tuna salads and eventually this summer, I worked my way up to making my own lunchtime quick and easy tuna salad.  I find that unlike most traditional recipes, tuna salad is one of the few that has stayed pretty much the same throughout time.  I think everyone makes their tuna salad a little it different, but those few staple ingredients definitely pack a nostalgic punch.


1 hardboiled egg

1 can all-white tuna (in water)

3 tablespoons relish cup relish

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2 table spoons spicy brown mustard





1) Boil egg for 10-12 minutes.

2) Remove egg from water and let cool before opening and removing the yoke.  Dice the egg white.

3) Take tuna in a bowl and mix in the diced egg whites.  Add relish, mayo, mustard and season with salt and pepper to taste.

4) Yeah that’s it.

5) Just to make this a little longer, sometimes I add diced onion as well and celery.

6) If you want it a little spicier, add some more mustard…if you want it a little sweeter, add a little bit more relish.  However, be careful about how much relish you add because it can make the tuna salad too wet.

7) I may have added some pesto to my tuna salad once.

8) It may have been really good. So if you are feeling adventurous one day, I would give it a try.

9) Throw your tuna salad either on a sandwich or be a health freak like me, and throw it on a bed of lettuce or greens. You can even make it pretty too and throw a little leaf in the middle to decorate it. I know you want to.

10) Share and Enjoy!



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