Northern Lights Espresso Bar

Welcome to Part I of the Scranton Coffee House Edition!

One thing I do prefer about living in a smaller city is the amount of nice “Mom and Pop” restaurants, cafes and little stores of odds and ends.  Although I do enjoy my large Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee or my Vanilla Chai from Starbucks, I really do have a preference of a local coffee shop with inventive flavors, really really good coffee and nice little homemade treats…Oh and where they know your name!

Lucky for me, there are two such wonderful coffee shops that are like this in Scranton and both have their own unique perks.

First on the list is Northern Lights. It is located smack dab in the middle of the central square in Scranton which it makes it a very easily accesible location.  This is also great for me because it is within walking distance of my apartment and as you all probably agree, having a solid coffee shop within walking distance is a fantastic perk.

As you can tell by the name, Northern Lights is known for their espresso but I can also say that I am really fond of their different chai flavors.  Aside from coffee, chai is my go to drink so when they brew their gingerbread or apple spice chai in the fall, my heart skips a beat.  Their espresso is also quite delicious and definitely packs that necessary punch that you always need.

NL has two floors, both filled with a mixture of antique/vintage furniture of comfy couches and tables and chairs.  I usually head to the second floor because I think it is more conducive to studying (which unfortunately is usually what I am doing), but both depending on the time of the day, both floors can be equally quiet.

They have a lot of delicious little baked goodies, and they also feature assorted lunch food items that are made fresh that day; however, I have personally never tried any but they always look good.  And Yes, they have lots of veggie options.  However, I will say that they don’t really have many gluten-free options aside from a couple of salads.

I find Northern Lights to be a great place to have a cup of coffee with a friend or a group of friends because it does tend to get loud throughout a few periods of the day.  They also have a couple of tables right outside which makes for a very pleasant way to enjoy the afternoon.  The wireless is reliable and I definitely think it is an ideal place to catch up on emails and what not.

All in all, I always enjoy my trips to Northern Lights and I think you will too.

Grade: A-

(Docked because of the noise factor)


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