Zummos Cafe

Scranton Coffeehouse Edition Part II

(also known as Electric City Roasting Company)

Oh Zummos. I would like to count the ways that I love you but we would be here for a while.  Not only is your coffee probably some of the most delicious coffee I have ever tasted, but your delicious quiches, soups, sandwiches, and goodies continue to entice me to come back for more.  The only thing that I may prefer from other coffee shops (see: Northern lights) is Chai.  Do not get me wrong, your Chai is not bad but I will give Northern Lights the nod because their Chai is just great.

About the Location: Unlike Northern lights, Zummos sits in the residential area of Scranton right on the border of Scranton and the smaller municipality of Dunmore.  I could go on about the whole municipality thing, but it is all really unnecessarily confusing and it just isn’t that important.  If you do not know where Zummos is, you would be hardpressed to find it because it blends in with all of the other houses on its residential street.  I believe that the owners bought out two separate houses adjacent to one another and kept a lot of the basic architecture the same, but transforming it into a coffee haven/comfortable cafe.

About the interior: When you first walk in, you are quickly met with the most delicious scents of various fresh brewed and roasted coffees and goodies.  The front room has some seating, but I would mainly only recommend sitting this area if you don’t mind a lot of foot traffic and people interaction.  The other half of the “house” is filled with additional seating of mixture of couches, tables and chairs to seat anywhere from 2-4/5 people.  Additionally, during the warmer months of spring and summer, Zummos has a wonderful outdoor patio which is perfect for taking in your cup of joe with one of their nice and refreshing original salads.

About the coffee: I have had my fair share of really really really good cups of coffee from various places  both in and outside of the states, but I will go out on a limb and say that Zummos/Electric City Roasting probably has the best cup of coffee I have ever had.  What a statement.  However, when you come visit me (and you will come visit me), and you have a cup of Zummos coffee, you will understand the brilliance of their Joe.  They pride themselves on daily roasting their beans and they travel throughout the world to find the best coffee beans they can.  Additionally, they are extremely proactive regarding the farms from which their beans come from.  They are involved in Fair Trade/Direct Trade industries that make sure that 80% of what they pay for their coffee beans goes directly to the farmers.  The owners know where their coffee comes from and they want you to know to.  Their are also other various eco-friendly facets to their coffee that are also admirable, so just check out their website (Electriccityroasting.com) to find out more.

About the food:  Quiche is delicious.  Quiche is easy to make.  Zummos definitely knew what they were doing by offering various quiches on their menu daily.  I’ve never met a slice of quiche that I didn’t like and it is nice to have a place that always has SOMETHING delicious and vegetarian on the menu.  Additionally, the soups are always pretty good (i’ve only had one soup that was attacked by the salt monster and I was unable to finish it), the sandwiches are fun and inventive as well as the salads.  Everything is freshly made on site, and you know the food is good because it is always packed at lunch time.  Moreover, being a dessert/baked good snob, I am always very critical of what cafes/restaurants put out.  However, Zummos baked goods are always super tasty, freshly baked and definitely get the Karri seal of approval (this is a hard thing to get).

Overall: Zummos/ECR’s success is built on its relationship with the community and the coffee bean.  Every age group is represented by Zummos daily customers and no one leaves unhappy.  It is a great place to either spread out your books and study (i’ve done that many a time) or hang out with a group of friends (i’ve done that many a time too).  Zummos is definitely one of those special places that makes you value living in a small city.

Grade: A

PS: ECR coffee is so popular that a bunch of establishments in town sell their freshly brewed coffee. How cool is that.


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