Beacon Bagel

Love.  That is what I feel when I now think about Beacon Bagel.  When best bud of BOOF, Mo, told me about this new bagel place in Beacon, I was pretty skeptical because I have a near and dear bagel place to my heart in Fishkill that I was not ready to “cheat” on.  However, I am now in a full-fledged affair with Beacon Bagel and I kinda like it.

Beacon Bagel is exactly what it name entails.  It is a bagel place in Beacon but it features such a fun menu that you always are inclined to try something new.  All of their bagels are freshly made in house everyday, and unlike most bagel joints in NY and anywhere else, they make their own Gluten-Free homemade bagels.  And yes, I have heard from two gluten-free buds (obviously Mo is one of them) that they are quite delicious and perfect in every way.

The decor of Beacon Bagel fits in well with the “new Brooklyn” theme that apparently Beacon has taken on.  Once upon a time, Beacon was a bustling place of art, music, good food and scenic views.  However, over time the area changed a lot and manybusinesses went under and Beacon was just a shell of the artistic prominence that it once knew.  Nevertheless, over the past 10 or so years, Beacon has seen a regeneration in not only its art and antiquing scene but also in its restaurant, bars, dives and various other attractions.  There was a recent article in the NY Times via the the Gothamist that spoke to how Beacon has now become the sort of “new Brooklyn” to the hipster and although that may disuade you from taking the trip, Beacon definitely has a lot more to offer than chuck taylors, skinny jeans, consignment shops and PBR.  I greatly digress.

But what I essentially mean to say is that the decor of Beacon Bagel is sleek and chic with aluminum silver chairs and tables, wall size windows and walls filled with art from the local elementary schools and a collection of homemade magnets (that you can buy) that pretty much encompass anything and everything that you could put on a magnet.  There is a warmth to Beacon Bagel that you would be hard pressed to find in a burrough like Brooklyn or a big city like DC.

About the bagels: BB features your traditional varieties including Whole Wheat w or w/o grains, plain, cinnamon raisin, egg, pumpernickel, onion, everything, salt, BUT my favorite non-traditional bagel that they have is a Cranberry Almond. I loveeee it. You would loveeee it.

About the sandwiches: Because I have been to Beacon Bagel so many times and ordered so many different bagels, it is hard to either pick a favorite or just explain the deliciousness of one of the sandwiches that they have on their menu.  However, one of my favorites on their breakfast menu is an egg, cheddar, avocado (don’t knock ittt), with honey mustard on the bagel of your choice. So delicious.  So inventive.  Another favorite is the Spicy J, which egg whites, jalapeno cream cheese and pepper jack cheese. Yeah, I know you’re mouth is watering right about now.  They also have a lot of delicious lunch time bagel sandwiches from your traditional BLT and Tuna Salad to things a little more inventive like Scallion Tofutti, lox and sprouts (Toffuti is like a vegan cream cheese…it is actually delicious).

I am in a full on affair and its great.  I anxiously anticipate my trips back to the HV with one of many reasons being to stop in for a delicious bagel sandwich at BB.  I love that they mix traditional with modern and if you like to keep your bagel sandwiches simple, they are more than happy to give you a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Grade: A

Article about Beacon


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