Amber Fine Indian Cuisine

This will be a quick review because to be fair, we went for lunch and it is a buffet so it is a little hard to review a buffet lunch.

Amber is the ONE Indian restaurant in the Scranton area and it is technically located in one of the Scranton municipalities, Moosic.  Good buddy of BOOF, KZ the OutdoorExplorer, and I ventured to the delicious Indian restaurant for its wonderful lunch buffet.

The exterior really isn’t much to look at with the awkward turquoise paint job, but once you get passed the misplaced color scheme and make your way to the food, you forget about it.  The decor is pretty standard, dim lighting with a mix of booths and hardwood tables and chairs. Nothing really to call home about.

However, the food is delicious.  From delicious paneer dishes, to well-seasoned vegetables and juicy and not dried-out tandoori chicken, Amber does Indian buffet lunch a tremendous justice.  The seasoning is never bland and there is a good balance between mild and really spicy items.  They have numerous veggie options as well as plenty of meat dishes, and after being there a couple of times, I can safely say that they do mix it up for what they offer each day which is nice to see.

I am pretty sure the buffet sets you back a measily $8.00 or something like that, and it is definitely worth it.  It is one of those situations where you want to eat more because it so tasty, but the elastic in your wasteband will only stretch so far.

All in all, I would probably venture to Amber even for a non-lunch buffet meal if I were unable to go for lunch, but if you have the luxury of escaping for lunch, just go. Eat. Be Merry.

Grade: B


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