La Tonalteca

This is going to be a quick review.

Although not as authentic as Chicanos or Garibaldi, La Tonalteca is another Mexican restaurant in the NEPA area.  It actually has become a chain in NEPA, but we routinely venture to the Dickson City location for Margarita Wednesday.

Tonalteca is almost everything you expect in a stereotypical Mexican restaurant with walls filled with bright colors, booths and chairs covered in bright color muralistic paintings and a bar with high chairs of more of the like.  However, it is neat, the service is always good and you really are unable to beat $3.00 margaritas. Yes, $3.00 margaritas.

A group of buds headed to Tonalteca one evening and although I was not too hungry, I ordered mushroom quesadilla which was simple, tasty but I could have made it at home.  Some other buds more extensive dinner meals including fish tacos, enchiladas, burritos and the like.  Everyone always enjoys their food at Tonalteca, but it is nothing spectacular or different from what you might expect at an “authentic”, but very Americanized Mexican restaurant.

However, let’s be serious…if there was no Margarita Wednesday, La Tonalteca would not be as nearly as popular but they DO have Margarita Wednesday and they offer good flavors and they can either be frozen or regular.  They are tasty, cheap and pack a little something.

Overall, Tonalteca is great for a group outing but not really date night with your sig fig material.  I really probably only recommend it for Margarita night but that’s a solid one night of the week, right?

Grade: B-


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