Garibaldi: Authentic Mexican Cuisine

A new Mexican restaurant in Scranton to potentially rival Chicanos deliciousness? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

BOOF Buddy, KZtheOutdoorExplorer, heard about this new Mexican restaurant opening up in Scranton and asked me if I would want to join her for lunch one day.  This was really not a question…more of when are you free for this to happen. Locals and new NEPA transplants find out quickly that there are limited cultural cuisine options in Scranton and the surrounding areas, and you are barely able to count the quality ones on two hands.  The quality Mexican mainstay, Chicanos (which I have realized that I have failed to post on…I’ll get on that), is quite tasty and if you go with someone who really knows what to order, it can rival some of the most authentic and well-prepared Mexican cuisine that even the big cities have to offer.  However, no one would be opposed to a new kid on the block, right? The more is definitely merrier especially for us cool kids with a limited dietary selection.

Garibaldi is located in Scranton proper (not one of the outlying municipalities) and has a relatively simple exterior and interior.  To be quite honest, you would most likely miss it, if you are not looking for it.  A common theme in Scranton.  They have a BYOB option and if you bring the tequila, they will make the Margaritas for you, which I think most people would be in favor of.  However, I think that this restaurant is definitely more suited for a lunch time meal with a friend because the ambiance does not really scream “Take a big group of friends here for a special occasion”.  Nevertheless, it is clean, the prices are good and the service is on top of their game.

Let’s get to the food.  The food is quite tasty.  KZtheOutdoorExplorer ordered Pozole Soup which is a white corn soup that comes with your choice of chicken or pork topped with onions, cilantrol, lemon and a side of rice.  She was super excited that they had this on the menu because it is pretty rare to find at most Mexican restaurants unless it is a daily special.  She ordered it with pork and remarked that the flavors were good and there was a nice spicy kick to it without being overbearing.  It was the pozole she had remembered from pozoles past.

I ordered the veggie burrito which was stuffed with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado, beans, yellow rice, cheese sour cream and I ordered the red mild sauce.  The burrito was yummy and the flavors were there, but for a veggie burrito I was a little underwhelmed by the amount of veggies that were actually in the burrito.  It came with all of the veggies that it listed on the menu, but to me it was more of a bean burrito than an actual veggie burrito.  I think that if they just add some peppers, squash, carrots…just some more diverse veggies, it would be a sure winner in my book.

Overall, I did enjoy Garibaldi and I think within a few months and some minor menu tweeks, they will definitely be giving Chicanos a run for their money.  The flavors are good and that is half the battle, but I do think that they need to expand upon their vegetarian selections because of other than the burrito, enchiladas and fajitas, there is not much to eat.  Because fajitas are my go to Mexican meal, I definitely want to get back and try and see how Garibalidi’s stacks up.

Grade: B


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