BOOF on the Road: Paris Creperie

While in Boston, I stayed with good buddy of BOOF, Hugdoll, who lives in the Boston suburb of Brookline.  I don’t really get the whole city/suburb weird thing that Boston has going on (ex. Brookline, Cambridge, Sommerville..etc), but I guess if I move there it will all make more sense to me. Heres to hoping.

After a wonderful day filled with Italian eats and desserts, Hugdoll brought me to one of her local and popular Brookline digs, Paris Creperie. There are lots of things that you will not find in Scranton and creperies are definitely one of those things, and I did not realize how much I missed those thin french pancake treats stuffed with both sweet and savory items, until I was back in a big city.

I don’t really know much about Brookline except that is a very nice little suburb of Boston that is easily accessible to downtown with the T and it pretty much has everything you need right there on foot.  And by everything, I am also including TJs and Stop and Shop. So in all respect, Brookline is most definitely winning.

Paris Creperie sits in the hustle and bustle of Brookline on a main strip of restaurants and stores, and it definitely has the feel of a small modern French cafe.  There is seating that lines the right side of the restaurant, but the location is really really small so you always feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people that are in the restaurant.  My biggest complaint and Hugdoll’s as well is the spacing issue.  You are almost sitting on top of your fellow patrons, and it is difficult to really eat your meal in peace because it seems as though those in line are anxiously awaiting you to finish your meal so they can snatch up your seat….like a hawk. Needless to say, we got our food to go.  I would say that with the high ceilings, and sleek architectural pieces hanging throughout the restaurant, if you could ever find a time that they were not overwhelmingly busy, it would be a lovely place to sit…I just don’t foresee that really happening.  One thing I also did love with the interior, was their “chalkboard” menu which hung above the kitchen which I think always adds a pop of color and a modern flair to any cafe or coffee shop.

The amount of crepes on their menu can be slightly overwhelming but they had plenty of tasty looking veg options and also a plethora of different carnivorous options.  Additionally, they serve breakfast crepes which also looked delicious and of course, the highlight of their menu was their numerous mouth watering sweet crepes.  Oh and did I also mention that they feature specialty Nutella/Chocolate drinks which is their unique blend of Nutella and steamed milk which can come in a few different flavors and as a latte or hot chocolate.  They also have an impressive list of smoothies and leaf teas.

For our food, Hugdoll ordered one of the special crepes that day which was a BBQ Pulled Pork crepe and it quickly became her new favorite.  The flavors were spot on and it was extremely filling and satisfying.  We also both had the cheddar and broccoli soup on the side and you could taste the sharpness of the cheddar which I think is always a good sign.

I ordered Lilli’s crepe which is a Provence Style Crepe (infused with fresh herbs and spices) and it had Parmesan infused with cheddar, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, avocado and spinach. It was really good and I do love the fact that the cheddar was infused with parmesan because it definitely helped add to the flavor profile.  I only wish there was a small bite of something either a little bit sweet or a small crunch.  The texture composition was pretty one note and the flavor profile could have been compounded to the next level with the addition of either a subtle sweetness or a hint of acidity from maybe a splash of lemon or lime.

Overall, I really enjoyed my crepe from Paris Creperie and if I lived in the area, I would definitely go back again and try out more.  Crepes are pretty easy to make, but where Paris Creperie does it justice is with their more inventive fillings.  For example for a dessert crepe, they have one that is filled with graham cracker and cinnamon infusion, dulce de leche and apples and pears. Yes. My mouth just watered by typing it, so I am sure your mouth just watered by reading it.  I will say that I think in the relative near future if business continues to be as hopping as it currently is, they are going to need to move into a bigger place because the lack of seating and the amount of overcrowding is a downfall.

Grade: B+


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