BOOF on the Road: The Biscuit

On my way out of Beantown, I made it my business to stop into this little coffee shop/cafe in Somerville that I had eyed on a walk the day before. Somerville is a suburb right next to Cambridge and the Biscuit is maybe a 10 minute walk from Harvard’s campus.

It sits on a corner and with its pale blue paneling and burnt orange signs, it definitely encourages you to take a peak to see what is inside.  The front has wall-sized windows allowing for a lot of natural light and the tables and chairs are a nice light wood. The decor is simple but warm and inviting and perfect for a nice lunch or an afternoon of studying and paper writing.  The music playing is light and soothing, and the noise level never gets overwhelming.  I think one of the best things that The Biscuit has going for it is its outdoor patio, and if you were not looking for it, you would definitely miss it.  The patio is in the back and was built up all out of wood and has a lot of good seating and a couple of umbrellas to shade you from the sun if needed.  I think this is a perfect more intimate for a coffee date among lovers or friends.

They bake of all of their breads and pastries daily and make all of their sandwiches fresh each morning.  They also have an extensive selection of morning pastries including scones, muffins, croissants, sticky buns…etc.  Their menu changes with the season to ensure maximum quality and freshness of their produce, something that I am definitely very into.  Like any good cafe, they have a full selection of teas, espresso drinks, chai and cold drinks, and they obviously also pride themselves on a good cup of joe.  For lunch, they have a variable selection of soups and salads with vary with each season and a large selection of sandwiches.

For lunch, I had Mushroom Pesto melt which consisted of a roasted portabello mushroom, carmelized onion, pesto, swiss & parmesan on vienna bread.  The sandwich was just as good as it sounds and although the ingredients are something that I could have put together myself at home, the fresh baked vienna bread helped take the sandwich to another level.  Additionally, I love when places add parmesan to another more pungent cheese as I believe that it enhances the flavor of both.

I also had a slice of the double chocolate zucchini bread and I am itching to make my own version of the treat.  The bread was super moist and it was a daily special and although I was a little worried because I had been gorging myself with delicious food, I was not sad after I took a bite into the bread.  I do wish there would have been more of a zucchini flavor present, but it still passed the flavor and moistness tests which means that it was at least 90% successful as a perfect lunchtime dessert.

To drink, I had an iced coffee which was good but nothing to really call home about. It was forgettable.

Overall, I did like the Biscuit and I find it to be a really nice spot to study, relax and grab a sweet bite either on the way home from school or on  the way to school (for those Harvard folks).  I believe that in the summer and the fall, it would be difficult to find a more perfect patio in a location where although you may be outside, you might forget that you are in a city because of how truly peaceful and calm it can be.

Grade: B



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