Yobo Restaurant

Best bud of BOOF, Mo, was back in town for a hot second…as was I…so after picking her up from the airport, we headed to Yobo Restaurant a sushi/japanese/pan-asian restaurant located in Newburgh NY which is right across the Hudson river from Beacon.  Yobo is the place that you see often when traveling either to and from the airport or up down the NY State thruway, but you never actually stop and check it out.  However, on this pretty dreary rainy afternoon, we decided to finally make that stop in and see what Yobo was all about.

Yobo almost appears misplaced because its exterior gives off vibes of what I presume to be very traditional Japanese Tea Garden.  It definitely has a calm and serene feeling to it, and as you enter you feel more of the same.  The decor is also very traditional, there is also a large fish tank with fish imported from Japan (yes, Koi!).  The lighting is dim, the colors are warm and the decor although busy, does not attract too much attention.  We were there around dinner time but the restaurant was conspicuously empty, but from other reviews that I read, the food is good so that was a little weird.  Although it is definitely a little more quiet, they are very kid friendly and also have some nice kid friendly options.  They have hibatchi which is always a big draw, and their soba noodles are made fresh, a pleasant and welcomed surprise.   I will say that although the service was really attentive, I think that we had a waiter who had just begun so he was kind of all over the place and messed up our order a bit.  However, the other waiters and waitresses quickly stepped in to ensure that everything was okay and help avoid other possible missteps.

Mo and I both started with the miso soup and although it was really good, we were welcomed with a little surprise in our soup, fried wonton.  As mentioned many times before, Mo is gluten-free, so it was lucky that she only took a small bite before realizing what it was.  However, this is something that Yobo should really warn people about because neither Mo nor I have ever had wonton in our miso, and we have had a lot of miso in our day.

For her meal, Mo ordered went away from her usual sashimi order and ordered a few maki hand rolls highlighted with a tobiko roll.  Although she was barely able to finish off her spicy tuna roll because her eyes may have been bigger than her stomach and the waiter may have mixed up her order, she enjoyed her sushi.  The problem with Yobo is that nothing was really memorable and although the fish was fresh, it was not mind blowing in anyway.

I ordered the golden phoenix maki and the spicy tuna maki, and although both were good they were nothing to call home about.  I have had some sushi rolls that I literally want to eat every day for the rest of my life, and although there was nothing really wrong with either of these rolls, there was nothing that really stuck with me about them.  I do wish that the spicy tuna was actually spicy because it really appeared that it was just a straight tuna roll because there was no noticeable kick when biting into it.

I wanted to like Yobo a lot more than I actually did, but from what I have gained from skimming through a couple other reviews, their sushi is probably not the best thing on their menu and apparently, it is the other items that Yobo tends to do very well.  I would not be opposed to trying Yobo again for this reason, but if I want sushi, I would definitely opt for other places on my side of the river.

Grade: B-


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