BOOF on the Road: Columbus Gourmet

On my last stop before heading out of my quick NYC trip, I was definitely in the mood for a New York bagel and so I headed with with J$, BF of BOOF Buddy Sho to their local deli.

Columbus Gourmet is located on the Upper West Side on you guessed, Columbus Ave between 72nd and 73rd.  It has a deep mahogany wood exterior that makes it blend in with the other local establishments.  The interior is simple and definitely has the sit down deli vibe going to it with chairs and tables in the middle if you are an out of towner and want your meal to stay.   However, most locals just take their food to go and head either back to their apartments or perhaps one block over to the park depending on the season and the weather. The left side, and rear of the restaurant are lined by glass cases filled with the various sandwiches, pastries, and essentially most of the ingredients for the things on their menu.  They serve of breakfast, lunch and even dinner for some (that is where the pizza would come in), and are open until 12 am on most days for that nice late slice that we all occasionally crave.

Their menu is exhaustive filled with various items for each meal and interesting sandwich combos that I was actually a little bit surprised to see from this more traditional mom and pops style deli.  The breakfast can be as simple or as complex as you like it, because although I just opted for a standard egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel, J$ opted for a veggie omlette served on a hard roll. I also tend to believe that this is a place where it is difficult to not be pleased with your food because they make it right in front of you to your particular order, so if things are going the way you would like them to go…you can easily interject and get your order exactly how you like it. Occasionally, things do get lost a little bit in translation; however, they always seem to quickly regather the reigns and avoid every customer’s nightmare, a cold (when it intended to be hot) meal.  Some reviews mentioned that Columbus Gourmet’s delivery option tends to have food that airs on the not successful side of things, and I believe that if this is truly an issue, CG should work to fix it…but it is also a deli…get you lazy bum up and walk around the corner.

I talked a little bit about my sandwich, but it was a standard solid egg and cheese and exactly what I was looking for.  The bagel had the perfect amount of chew and the egg was cooked well with good cheddar melted on top.  It is hard to go wrong with an Egg and cheese sandwich, but the bagel was definitely solid.  Was it Beacon Bagel solid? Probably not but good nonetheless.

I also had a cup of their Iced Coffee which was good.  It was nice, strong and a solid cup of Joe.

The key to enjoying an establishment like Columbus Gourmet is to not expect it to be more than what it is.  It’s a good place for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner but do not expect to have the most amazing breakfast sandwich of your life or slice of pizza…just expect to be full and be satisfied.

Grade: B/B-




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