Thai Thai

For real though.  That is the name of the wonderfully delicious Thai restaurant in Downtown Scranton.  It actually is the second Thai restaurant downtown (oops, I never did an official BOOF write up of Thai Rak Thai), but it is the warm welcomed new kid on the block whose reputation proceeds itself.

Thai Thai Scranton is actually the second location (the Flagship location is in Wilkes Barre), so many BOOF Buds who are local NEPA products knew all about Thai Thai before we were graced with is present down the block from school and around the corner from my apartment.  Thai Thai is known to serve up delicious authentic Thai cuisine for reasonable prices with large portions.  To be fair, I have been eating delicious food from Thai Thai since they opened back in April, but I have just failed to post until now.  It really is a shame because the food is just so tasty, and if you are a buddy living in NEPA, I really hope you have already experienced it already.

Hey KZtheOutdoorExplorer!

The interior of Thai Thai is clean and comfortable with dim lighting, lots of hardwood, comfy booth seating and nothing to crazy on the walls to take away from the atmosphere.  I have been there for both lunch and dinner, and although sometimes it can become very busy at dinner time, I am sad that it does not get a lot of business during lunch because it really is an unbeatable deal (any entree+ traditional miso soup for 7.99).  They have a wonderful but kind of surprising birthday thing that they do and I will just leave it at that because I think you really should just find out for yourself what I mean.  The restaurant also has wall sized windows which is nice for people watching during the day time, but also gives a lot of natural light to the anterior of the restaurant.  They do have shades that they do let down during the evening, so no worries about awkward night viewing.  However, if you do not want to feel like you are in a fish bowl, there is plenty of less public (?) seating in the other half of the dining room area.  Thai Thai is quiet enough that you can enjoy lunch with a friend or a sig other but they do not take themselves too seriously, so it is also good for large groups.

The food.  On this lovely day, I went to Thai Thai with BOOF Buddy, KZtheOutdoorExplorer, another Thai Thai enthusiast.  As I mentioned, they automatically start you off with a cup of traditional Miso soup which is simple but the flavors are clean and it serves as a nice palette cleanser.  I find that most places can become heavy handed on the salt in miso soup, but this is not the case at Thai Thai.

For our meals, we both ordered the Drunken Noodles, probably the item on the menu that Thai Thai is definitely known to be the best at.  That is not to say that other things on the menu are not as good because I have also enjoyed their Pad Thai, Penang Curry and other various items; however, if you are a first time visitor to Thai Thai, you would be taking a huge misstep if you did not order the Drunken Noodles.  KZtheOutdoorExplorer ordered her Drunken Noodles with Chicken and 3 “spicies”.  “Spicies” is how the staff at Thai Thai refers to the level of spicy that you would like your food with 1 spicy= mild with a kick, 2 spicies= spicy and you may need a cup of water, and 3 spicies= fire engines and you’ll probably need a pitcher of water and maybe some milk too.  So yes, KZ was being adventurous with her ordering but she has had much experience with the spicies of Thai Thai and knew that she could handle it.  Per usual, she greatly enjoyed her meal and because we were both ravenously hungry, we actually ended up finishing our food.  This comes as a surprise because Thai Thai’s portions are very generous and you usually always have leftovers.

I had the Vegetarian Drunken Noodles (1 spicy- i like a kick but I also like to be able to enjoy it) which also comes with tofu.  I just love this item so much because the not only do the flat noodles go perfectly well with the numerous collection of veggies that come in the dish, but the drunken noodle sauce has the perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy and that is hard to do.  If I could eat this for lunch every day and not gain 45 pounds, I would. I would do it in an A-fib heartbeat.

Well, it is easy to observe that I really have a nice little spot in my heart for Thai Thai.  I always enjoy my food and although dinner time prices to become a little bit more expensive, it is still reasonable and worth it.  If you have not gone, please go soon. If you are not in Scranton, please come and visit me and I will take you there. Win.Win.

Grade: A



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