BOOF on the Road: Tamarind Bay

I promise I have been cooking, baking, dining out and have lots of food adventures.  I have also been documenting all of those food adventures, but technology has been my worst enemy and it has been difficult for me to get my posts up and filled with delicious pictures. Yes, I just used delicious to define a picture.

Anyways, back in September I headed back up to Beantown for a quick trip and ended up staying with good buddy of BOOF, EtheImagingPianist. For dinner, eh recommended a trip to Tamarind Bay, an Indian fusion restaurant in Cambridge.

Tamarind Bay is actually a basement level restaurant and although the quarters are close and small, the warm yellow walls, hard ceramic floors and sleek and modern interior makes the restaurant still comfortable.  The restaurant was busy the evening that we were there, but I also think this is also in large part due to the size of the restaurant.  However, the service was quick and attentive and although the noise level can sometimes get a little bit boisterous and uncomfortable, we were still able to enjoy our meal.

We started off with the Saag aloo tikki which is spinach & potato cakes served with tamarind and mint chutney.  These were a perfect little start.  Although, it was nothing spectacular, it was still seasoned well and the mint chutney gave the perfect sweet complement to the salty and spice of the spinach/potato and tamarind.

EtheImagingPianist ordered the Murgh malai palak which is chicken cooked in a spinach and cream sauce.  She enjoyed the dish a lot and commented that it was cooked well, had a nice balance of flavor and the spice was not overpowering but still had a little bit of a kick.

I ordered the Paneer E Shola which is the traditional Indian cheese with green pepper and onion in red chilly & tomato sauce.  Any person who knows anything about Indian cooking and especially vegetarian Indian cooking, knows that Paneer is a go to item.  I was really pleased with this paneer dish as the flavor was balanced, the red chilly added a nice kick and the paneer just melted in your mouth like it is supposed to.

Oh Oh Oh. How can I forget the bread.  I am a Naan lover. I mean, who isn’t? But, EtheImagingPianist hipped me to Kulcha which I had never had before.  Kulcha is a type of Naan that is more common in Punjab cooking which is made of flour dough, mashed potatoes, onion (optional).  We had the potato kulcha which was absolutely delicious and I might start cheating on my traditional/garlic Naan with Kulcha. Just saying.

Overall, despite the tight quarters, I enjoyed my trip to Tamarind Bay. The food was good and I would go back, but it is nothing to really call home about.  I think they could take more chances with their menu, but it is still good, authentic Indian food.

Grade: B+/B


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