Downtown Deli

Scranton is one of those places where most establishments close between 8 and 9 pm.   Therefore, you have to catch most places for lunch…if you plan to eat there.

Downtown Deli is one of those strange little spots in Scranton because the staff is very “Mom and Pop” Deli friendly, but the interior and decor is kind of big city.  Downtown Deli (abbreviated to be DD…not be confused with Dunkin Donuts) is located most appropriately in Downtown Scranton, and although the exterior is inviting and obvious, it is located a few blocks off the main square, so you do have to look for it.

The deli/eatery sits on a corner so the location is shaped as an L with wide open and comfortable interior.  Both sides of the restaurant are filled with Wall size windows and sky lights, giving it almost a indoor patio feel to it.  In addition, they also have outdoor seating along the side walk which is definitely nice during the warmer months.  The walls are a warm coral, the floors are hardwood and the tables and chair are sleek, clean and modern.  It’s a nice place for a casual lunch date with a friend, a significant other or a group of co-workers.

The deli offers both breakfast and lunch, and it provides standard deli options as well as some other options that you would also find in a cafe.  They have various lunch time options from fresh salads, to burgers, to wraps and paninis and lastly to your classic deli sandwiches.  For breakfast they have egg sandwiches, omelettes, french toast, pancakes and all of those tasty breakfast items anyone would like.

BOOF Buddy, TiatheCowgirl ordered a simple Turkey sandwich on wheat which also came with a aside of potato salad.  She enjoyed the sandwich largely from the standpoint that the toppings were fresh and the turkey was good…and they gave her a lot of turkey.  Sometimes it is just the simple things that make all the difference.

I ordered the vegetarian wrap which had assorted seasonal grilled vegetables (including portobello mushrooms!), lettuce, onion tomato and a vinaigrette dressing.  I also added some fresh mozzarella to my wrap.  The wrap was really tasty and I was very pleased and surprised to have that big fat delicious portobello in my wrap.  I feel like having portobello in your wrap is a rarity unless it is a “Portobello wrap”, so I was really happy about that.  I do think the mozzarella helped tie the sandwich together, but this is also from the perspective of a cheese lover.  I also was given potato salad with my wrap, and it was not the best potato salad I have ever had, but it was not the worst.  It was just standard and a little to mayonnaisey (yes, I am fully aware I just made up that word) for my taste.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Downtown Deli and although like with most delis, you can really get/make this stuff in the comfort of your own home, DD does a good job, has good and fresh ingredients and the location/space is so great that it warrants a trip.  You can also obviously get your meal to go.  I will also mention that although TiatheCowgirl and I did not have any problems with the service, DD is well known to have variable service.

Grade: B/B-

Not awful but nothing special.


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