Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

Yes, this soup sounds a little crazy.  Every time I tell someone about it, they usually give me that awkward nod and smile as to say “oh, well then…you enjoy that but you’re not going to find me having that”.  Yeah, things tend to get awkward.  B UT, really…this soup is good. I promise.  It is “autumny”, fresh, flavorful and different…and a little different never really hurt anybody, right?

I have this wonderful small cookbook called the Soup Bible, and although I had this book last year too, I never made anything out of it, so I am trying hard to change that this winter and I am off to a fairly decent start!  The book is great…filled with obviously tons of soup and more importantly, it is filled with tons of delicious vegetarian soups.  Well, enough of that but please do not be afraid of this soup. Also, please do not be afraid of pureed soups in general because although they all tend to look like baby food, they are SO good….so is baby food but that is a whole other issue.


2 tsp olive oil

1 tbsp curry powder

4-5 large carrots, chopped (should be about 2-3 cups worth)

1 large onion, chopped

2 large apples, chopped ( I used Gala)

3 cups veggie stock (or chicken stock, if you are not a veg)



yogurt, feta or goat cheese to top


1) Heat he oil in a large heavy pot and “fry” the curry powder for 2-3 minutes

2) Add the chopped carrots, onion and apple to the pot and stir well until the curry has coated the veggies and the pot.

3) Cook on low heat for about 10-15 minutes, occasionally stirring, until veggies are softened.

4) Transfer contents of pot into a food processor or blender with half of the veggie stock.  Pulse and mix until smooth.

5) Transfer soup back into the large pot, and add the rest of the veggie stock to the pot.

6) Bring to a slight boil and stir before letting cool.

7) Transfer soup to bowls and top with goat cheese (that is what I used but the recipe called for yogurt…so use whatever your heart desires).

This is really good and simple soup and although some of you are giving me your awkward side eye through the computer right now, I promise you will not be disappointed with the flavor of this soup.  The sweetness of the apple is perfectly balanced by the spicy of the curry and the carrot flavor is also able to add more complexity to the flavor profile.  Really…trust me…this fall soup will definitely warm you up.



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