BOOF Snack Reviews! Saratoga Peanut Butter Company: Adirondack Jack

Snack Reviews! Snack Reviews! Snack Reviews!

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This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but I just never got to it.  However, I really feel obligated to share some new awesome finds in my recent (well, about 4 months now) in my clean-eating journey.  So over the past couple of months, I have rediscovered my love of peanut butter.  As weird as that sounds, I forgot how delicious peanut butter was? I think I was so used to it being too sweet and that just didn’t sit well with my taste buds.  But as I transitioned to natural nut butters minus all that added sugar and processed junk, I realized how much I love them.  I will say that I have to slow down because I am currently consuming a jar of nut butter a week (yeah, it might be defeating the purpose slightly), but spread some all-natural nut butter on a rice cake or on some apple slices and you have a delicious healthy snack filled with protein and all kinds of good stuff.

That being said…I found this new awesome nut butter company and they are New York Based (Plus Plus Plus) and I am pretty much in love with them.  I want to buy every flavor of nut butter they create by the case load.  I found it being featured in my local grocery store (yahhh Shoprite!) and so after I decided which flavor I was going to try first, I went home and googled the company to find out more about them.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company was created in 2005 by a cool chick named Jessica who was known to just whip up peanut butters in her kitchen for her friends and family.  She started mixing in different ingredients to her nut butters and decided to expand her hobby into a business, and now the business is booming! She only using whole ingredients, no added sugars, preservatives, unnecessary oils, artificial additives and it is gluten-free…ding ding ding!  The company has been getting a lot of high profile success (very much well-deserved) and has been featured by Rachel Ray, Oprah, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal.  I have already finished up two different flavors and I can’t wait to taste my third.

The first flavor I tried Adirondack Jack.  It is a mix of almond Butter, their plain Jane PB, cranberries, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pure clover honey and cinnamon. ILOVEIT.  This mix is so delicious that I could barely keep myself from eating the whole jar in one sitting.  The half and half mix of the almond butter and PB gives you the best of both worlds and then throw in some cranberries for a touch of tart and chewy, some flax seeds and sunflower seeds for fiber, heart health and crunch…and then finish it off with some honey for some sweetness and some cinnamon for all around deliciousness…and they have a sure fire hit.  I was worried that all the ingredients would either not complement each other, or one would overpower the other but the ratio of ingredients is just about perfect, that with each bite a different ingredient sings through.

I love this stuff and so far I love this company and I think you will too! Check out their website for a retailer near you (if you don’t live near a retailer, you can order it online!), and let me know what you think.  Also, like them on facebook…because it’s just cool to do that, ya know.


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